We are leading environmentalists, scientists, and entrepreneurs who have partnered with the world’s top ranked universities to focus on solutions to specific environmental problems.

We have come together to accelerate climate action and sustainable development.

We lead with a clear perspective on where to compete, how to compete and what it takes to win.

Our programs take 36 months from corporate problem identification to exit.

Solving Trillion-dollar Problems

ESG is more than ticking boxes. It’s about smarter business for a stronger world and capturing new possibilities to turn theory into action. It is our moment to build a future where sustainability and a socially responsible focus is at the heart of business. We are facing a 10–15-year window until environmental catastrophe with no possible plan B.


Global Warming

$7.9 Trillion in projected Economic Costs.
(The Economist November, 2019)


COVID-19 Pandemic

>$4 Trillion in projected Economic Costs.
(Asian Development Bank, April, 2020)


Food Security

Realignment of Livestock Farming costs
$1.8 Trillion Annually.
(FAO Trucost Study, 2015)


Ocean Plastics

Costing Societies $2.5 Trillion Annually.
(The Guardian, April, 2019)


Energy Crisis

The economic and health costs of air pollution from burning fossil fuels totalled $2.9 Trillion in 2018.
(CREA, February, 2020)


Biodiversity Loss


We partner with multinationals to rapidly commercialize new technologies to not just conserve our global heritage but provide viable returns to investors.

ESG Mandates

Environment and social impacts and governance mechanisms are hard to measure. The data inputs are dissimilar to financial data in that they are not well structured, are generally of lower quality and are less complete – meaning that they are more difficult to audit. The lack of a standard global assessment tool drives the inconsistent empirical evidence further from auditing potential and makes the quantification of ESG ratings on the performance of portfolios all the more difficult.

There is a need to better ascertain what risks businesses are exposed to from an ESG perspective, how they report on these and on how well they’re managing them and whether this equates to returns for the business. The mechanism needs to ensure trust and transparency of reporting along with traceability of interventions and ESG impacts.



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